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CfP "Voices of the Future? New Spaces and Challenges for the Indigenous Languages of the Americas" - University of Bonn (Germany)
12. Juni 2019 - 14. Juni 2019
International conference: "Future today / yesterday / tomorrow. Visions of Future(s) in the Americas”
The United Nation has declared 2019 the International Year of Indigenous Languages. In this context, we want to discuss the present state and future of the indigenous languages of the Americas with particular focus on new spaces for their use. At present, many Amerindian languages are endangered due to their stigmatisation as "low-prestige" languages, migration flows, and globalisation processes. However, technological advances and global inter-connections have also generated new means of expression for native speakers, such as digital media or contemporary music genres. In addition, there is an increasing visibility of indigenous languages in television, film and radio.
    We invite contributions that explore the potential and limitations of the above-mentioned spaces of use for linguistic revitalisation efforts in the Americas. To foster a broader dialogue we welcome submissions from sociolinguistics, anthropology, and other related disciplines. Topics addressed (either through case studies and/or theoretical reflections) may include, but are not limited to:
- social media (twitter, facebook, youtube)
- community radio, television, cinema
- music in indigenous languages
- indigenous theatre
- digital activism projects
- language ideologies and attitudes in new media
- appropriation and decolonialisation

Abstracts (maximum 200 words) in Spanish, English, or German must be sent to the panel organisers by January 20, 2019 (extended deadline).

Organisers: Catherine J. Letcher Lazo (Catherine.Letcher@ukbonn.de), Igor Vinogradov (ivinogra@uni-bonn.de)

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