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The mirror asymmetry: Long-distance subject/object asymmetries from a theoretical and empirical perspective - Oldenburg (Niedersachsen)
22. August 2022 - 22. August 2022
COMP-trace effects
The difficulty of extracting subjects from embedded clauses has played a centrol role in generative grammar, with the issue far from being settled. In this workshop, the focus will be on empirically driven research on the matter, by looking at (amongst others) processing data, language acquisition data and corpus data. The goal is to get a better insight into the nature of the so-called mirror asymmetry, in order to ultimately answer the question of which principle underlies the long-distance subject/object asymmetry.

Registration is now open until the 21st of August 2022.

Invited speakers

Dana McDaniel, University of Southern Maine: The choice of that in sentence planning and what that means for long-distance wh-extraction

Luigi Rizzi, Collège de France: Subject-object asymmetries: history and current ideas.

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