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PhD position

ZAS Berlin
1. Oktober 2018
We are offering a three years PhD position within the context of the ANR-DFG project SALAMMBO « Spoken lAnguage in motions: Learning and Adaptation of speech coMMunication in the context of BOdy motions, at ZAS in Berlin ( ). The general objective of the project is to understand the « body-grounding » of speech production by analysing the interaction between speech-limb movements and breathing.
The candidate will be co-supervised by the French partner at GIPSA-lab in Grenoble (Amelie Rochet-Capellan). Short stays in Grenoble for team meetings and data analyses are planned. The doctoral researcher will be part of a larger team.

The doctoral researcher will conduct research on the relation between idiosyncratic physical properties (physical training, body shape (BMI)) – respiration – and speech production (at different linguistic levels). Data will be recorded for single (only speaking or moving) and dual task designs (speaking and moving at the same time).

The doctoral researcher should have a background in phonetics, computer linguistics or psychology (with a primary interest in embodied cognition). Basic knowledge of German and English are required and competence in data analyses with basic programming skills (Praat, R) are welcome. Basic knowledge in machine learning or computer linguistics would be an advantage.

How to apply
Please send a curriculum vitae and a letter of motivation (2 pages maximum) clearly demonstrating your interest for the topic and your competences to Susanne Fuchs (

Application deadline

Salary and benefits are according to a full time public service position in Germany (65\% TV-E 13). The Leibniz-Zentrum Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft supports equal opportunity of men and women. Equally qualified handicapped applicants will be given preference.

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